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Library Newsletter

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Learning 4 Life @your library®

May Newsletter 

This Month in the Display Case

To honor the EGJH-TVHS students who will perform their original poems in the Poetry Slam, we are keeping the beautifully illustrated poetry books in the display case.


Student Work on Display

Thank you to Ms. Frost's fine arts students who have displayed their work in the library.


Author/Poet of the Month

Naomi Shibab Nye is our Author/Poet of the Month. Jessica and Ashley conducted the study and composed the wiki page about Ms. Nye. Brina created the display in the library.


Classroom-Library Collaboration

In April, Dr. M. collaborated with Ms. Hawke/Mrs. Rosalik (Harlem Renaissance research) and began facilitating a poets group for Mrs. Rosalik's creative writing class. Dr. M. continued to support creative writing students' digital storytelling projects and supported Ms. Hunt/Ms. Ewing's students in creating  VoiceThread projects for their online literature circles. She also facilitated Galileo testing in the lab. Creating subject-specific pathfinders was one of the library program's contribution to students' learning.


Picturing America Art Prints

Art Teacher Ms. Frost, government and history teacher Dr. Akridge, and teacher-librarian Dr. M. wrote grants to the National Endowment of the Humanities and earned two sets of "Picturing America" art prints. The works are organized by themes: "Revolutionary Spirit,"  "American Values," and "Connecting Cultures." Some of these beautiful prints are on display in the library, but all are available for check out.


Last Literacy Event of the Year

May - Poetry Slam - May 14th at 6:30 p.m.


April Literacy Event - What's a Poetry Slam? @your library®

Twenty-seven students and Ms. Bonati came to the library to eat cookies, drink apple juice, and learn about the upcoming EGJH-TVHS Poetry Slam. Danny Martinez and Jenny Comerci received free books in the raffle. 


Hosted Event

The library hosted the EGJH Student Council Teacher Appreciation Lunch.



The library will glady accept your donations of used books. We will integrate some of your gifts into our library collection. We may exchange other items at Bookmans for titles we need. Please consider sharing your "extra" books with us.


Looking forward to learning with you in the library!

Dr. M., Mr. Everist, and the Library Student Aides 


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Last Updated: 5 May 2009


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